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2016 Marathon Relay:

Since its beginnings in 2011, the Peachtree City Marathon Relay offers a unique race for runners of all speed and skill level. Peachtree City is renowned for its nearly 100 miles of cart paths throughout the city. Go out for a run on the paths on any weekends, and they’ll be filled with runners, bikers, walkers, and golf carters enjoying the City. However, as the popularity grows, it can have an unintended effect: we lose the sense of community. You run on the paths, and you might not recognize a single other runner. Running is a solitary activity. Runners can fall into habits–the same routes, the same running partners, the same over and over, again. It is this specific reason that spurred the Peachtree City Running Club and Tri-PTC to create the Peachtree City Marathon Relay–we want to build a race that will encourage runners to try new experiences in a fun environment.
To begin with, the teams are created to provide a diversity among its members. Whether the runner has completed 20 Ironman triathlons, or the runner is completing their first 10K, they must work together to achieve the fastest time in the marathon. These athletes make new friends and learn new tips, all in the spirit of friendly competition.
All of the racers begin the race with a brief prologue–race jitters are high, so a brief jog is perfect to calm the anxiety. More importantly, you must work as a team. The first runner cannot begin their loop until all teammates have finished the Prologue around Shakerag Knoll. Loop One starts with a brief run along Lake Peachtree, with a steady climb up to the famed Peachtree City “5 Points” in the middle of the loop. The next runner enjoys the run around Lake Peachtree as Loop Two carries them over the rolling hills through some of the early residential developments in Peachtree City. The Loop Three runner loves a challenge. While running through Planterra Ridge, the climbs keep coming, and they’re steep! While the Loop Four might be the flattest, the final runner still pushes forward with passion–the race is nearly finished, and they have a chance to secure victory for their team. Once that runner finishes, the team joins together for a valedictory lap around Shakerag Knoll. In the Finale, the true merit of the race shines. Runners who might otherwise be strangers at the beginning of the race are now encouraging their teammates as they cross the finish line together, having completed a marathon on a beautiful summer morning.
Once the race is over, the fun begins. Runners can sit around and replace all those calories they burned as they give blow-by-blow retellings of their race. Once everyone has finished, they can celebrate the winning team, their teammates, and themselves for their accomplishment. The winning team, however, receives the glory of hoisting the Peachtree City Marathon Relay Cup, and after the race, their names will be forever etched into the cup. What better way to spend a Saturday morning?

About The Race

The Peachtree City Running Club and Tri-PTC have teamed together to host the 6th edition of the marathon relay. Once again, the race will take place at the beautiful and convenient Shakerag Knoll in Peachtree City. Teams of four runners will combine to run a marathon, with each participant running a 10K. The event offers a great opportunity to meet new runners and engage in the spirit of friendly competition. Most importantly, this race is one for runners of all speeds and experience—your teammates will all have different skill levels.

The race takes place on June 4, 2016.

Check-in begins at 6:00 A.M. Pre-race announcements begin at 6:55 A.M., and the race will begin at 7:00 A.M. Click here for a detailed schedule of the day.

Runner Teams

The teams will be assigned based upon the speed of each runner. Each team will have runners of varying skill, experience, and speed. We try to assign teams so that all teams will finish at approximately the same time. Team assignments will be emailed on Sunday, May 29 at 5:00 P.M.-ish. You will receive an email with the information about your teammates and instructions for the race. Team members will have the opportunity to designate routes and create a team name (so start thinking of one now).

Awards Post-Race

After the race ends, we will supply lots of food and drinks for participants, volunteers, and families (come to think of it, we will have plenty of food and drink during the race, as well). The award presentation will begin after the last team finisher. The top-3 teams will receive awards, and the winning team will have their names engraved in the coveted Peachtree City Marathon Relay Trophy, which will reside at Johnny’s Pizza in Peachtree City for all diners to admire your accomplishments.

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Race Costs & Volunteering

Thanks to generous donations by the Peachtree City Running Club and Tri-PTC, the race is FREE to all participants. If you aren’t a member of either club, please talk to the members during the race and learn about all of the benefits for each team. If you are a member, use the event to meet new runner friends. You never know: you might meet your next training partner!

To Volunteer: Putting on this race takes lots of help—from marking the course, to setting up the race, monitoring the race, and cleaning up after the race. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form. You will receive an email confirmation, and as the race nears, you will receive additional information about volunteering for the race. If you plan on participating in the race, we can still use your help in volunteering, and we will work around your running schedule.

Relay Routes

For information about the routes, including course profiles and elevation comparisons, visit our Routes pages for lots of good information. In addition, we have added the routes to the Map My Run app, and you can download the courses onto your phone before the race. The routes for the 2016 race will be the same as the ones for the 2015 race. We plan on marking the courses in the weeks leading up to the race. They will be marked in colored spray chalk chevrons on the cart paths. If you would like to see the routes from previous years, send an email

More Info

Race Results: Want to look at the results from previous races? Click this link to peruse the results. In addition, we compiled the best performances in the races. Click this link to see the best race times.

Photos: Thanks to the dedicated work of our race-day photographer Susan Bothe, runners will have to opportunity to look at and download their photos from the race for free! Check out the Shutterfly page to look at photos from the past events.