An Open Letter To Our Members

Dear TRI-PTC Members,
We hope this letter finds you well and training hard for your next event. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of public comments/perception of cyclist in general by some in the Peachtree City community and ask for your help.

A month or so ago a rather negative conversation thread regarding road cyclist was started on the Life In The PTC Bubble Facebook page. At least one commenter mentioned riders on Wednesday night and riders on Robinson road were mentioned too. The most common types of negative comments dealt with riders blowing through stop signs, riding up the side of cars waiting in line for a stop sign, and riding side-by-side. While we will never be able to correct motorist who are rude, ignorant of the law, just plain jealous on some level, or other cyclist not in our club; what we can do is be compliant with the laws and as friendly and courteous as possible. The consequences of a negative community perception could impact support of our annual race, make us a target of local law enforcement, and most importantly endanger cyclists due to road rage.

It always has been the goal of the club to give back and be a positive influence in our community. So as the TRI-PTC Board, we ask that all members whether riding on with us on Wednesday nights or out on your own; please be sensitive that perception is often reality and to conduct ourselves with the utmost bike etiquette when out and about in our wonderful city.